2003-01-06 - 9:45 a.m.

brrrr its cold in here

My hands are turning purple its that cold... LOL I had to go talk to Marcus today. Stephy is stealing, again and she is 9. She just doesn't learn and she is going to get into lots of trouble when she is older I am afaird.. I hope not because my mom doesn't deserve that... I was bored this morning and couldn't sleep so I made a 101 things about me that Im sure most of you didn't know well, maybe you did I don't know.. HA HA! Im not going to start on 3-11 for a month I guess.. Until he finds someone that wants to work overnights. He needs to find someone that loves them as much as me LOL j/k, but I do like overnights, but being a supervisor looks good on a resume so I decided to take that job =) I am going to watch sum of all fears and get some sleep..


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