2003-02-22 - 10:17 a.m.

finally an update

Wow I havent updated in forever that probably can tell you what kind of week I have had.. I had three test last week in school, plus 40 hours of work and I had a total of 8 hours of sleep for the WHOLE week! So last night I went to bed right after I got hom from school which was 330 and I slept til just right now.. It felt so great.. I had this long entry that I wanted to post yesterday, but I was just to damn tired. I am going to be making a page today sometime of the people I talk about most in here "Meet the Cast" So that should be interesting... Since my scanner is broken I am going to go to walmart or office max and spend the 5 dollars to scan pictures so I can add dustin into that cast, because my scanner has been broken for sometime now. My mom and grandma are cleaning the downstairs out. Which That means I should probably clean my room! I'm thinking. Ill put another update later Im working on fixing my background....

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