November 03, 2003 - 2:47 a.m.

La Di Fucking Da

ESPNGirl's Sub-Quiz High Scores:

9. swimnasty74 (2)

took the other screen names out for privacy

I will be fucking damn, the bitch had the nerve to even take a poll about me, I would have been pissed if she would have got a high score, god that just pisses me off. What pisses me off even more, there is no way from blocking her from reading this!!! I mean why and the hell would she want to read about my god damn life anyways, Ugh as soon as I wasn't pissed about it anymore there I go and see her fucking screen name on that...

I decided I better add a disclaimer because someone is going to read this and get offended, and god forbid I dont want that *laugh*

So tonight I talked to jason online, no no not that jason, the other jason, the ex after the other jason. **laughs** does that make sense? Well, anyways we are going out on friday night, kind of a date, its weird because I already dated this guy once and now we are going on another date! Oh well. Seems kind of weird, but will see how it goes, I guess. I always do that I have a tendency to go back out with ex boyfriends or have sex with ex boyfriends, when I know I shouldn't do that.. **bad heather** Ok, so I have only had sex with one ex AFTER we broke up, and with him its going to be like that until we get married, we just realized that we are better together if we aren't together, does that make sense? We like not being commited, that sort of thing, but he is commited to some other girl, which I don't understand that, Technically he isn't though because he has cheated on her a few times with me. I guess I don't know what I am really ranting about.

The weekend was so much fun, On halloween, I took my three cousins to the mall to go trick or treating they were adorable. Caleigh is 5, Brianna is 2, and McKayla is 9 months, plus steph was with me too and she is 10, so I had my hands full. I didn't go to the bar, but I had fun with them.

I didn't do anything else this weekend really, so not a whole lot to write about. I'm working on a new layout so hopefully I can get that figured out. Its going to be the best layout yet. I'm going to keep it a suprise though, because I am actually going to make this one all by myself :)

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