November 26, 2003 - 9:03 p.m.

I'm confused

cutest little kids in victoria secrets.. I think they might have been twins, one boy one girl- They were around the same age, and the little boy said to me.. Why do you have a piece of jewerly in your lip.. I'm like cause I think it looks pretty.. And tyler said to them tell her it looks ugly.. I'm like tyler dont have them say that.. The little girl goes to me no they look beautiful.. and you are beautiful too! It was cute.. Then the little boy said to me you have more in your nose, Of course the girl said let me touch them... She touched my labret, my nose and then her dad told her to show us her belly button.. Well I guess the two little kids had their belly buttons named.. Then they asked to see my belly button, and of course I have that pierced too! Shes like ooo let me touch it... The little boy said "I'm going to have nightmares" I couldn't help but laugh... It was funny.. The little girl started playing with my purse, my mittens and she was the cutest thing... Then I had to leave them behind..

But today I took out my labret ring for a while so I can have my gums heal.. I will get it pierced in about 6 months again... But for right now my 4,000 smile is worth more than some $40 labret piercing. I still have not taken out my tongue... I have had this for so many years, I think I was like 14 when I got it and I'm 21 now.. Its just one I can't part with yet.. I did bring it down to a smaller gauge.. It was at a 0 now I put a 4 gauge in it.. So I am slowly making my hole smaller... :)

Me and Zim have this unconditonal love for each other let me tell you.. We do the weirdest things for each other, but I still refuse to massage his feet... i just have to shout out a big THANK YOU to zim again, he knows for what ;)

I need some advice.. Yes, I know I emailed dustin first, and he emailed me back, which I could never bring myself to read, cause I didnt know if it was bad or good.. Well he called me a few days ago, and I said I was at work kind of busy, which I wasn't I really did not know what to say to him... Then he said he would call me on monday he never did call me, well he called me on tuesday while me and tyler were shopping.. And he said Imangine that ;) What can I say I LOVE shopping. He told me to call him back after I was shopping, I still haven't called him back.. I don't know.. I'm thinking it was a mistake to write him that letter, even though those are my feelings.. I don't know how to talk to him. I said I wanted to do that, but I cant bring myself to talk to him.. Why is that? I'm thinking I should just email him and tell him that.. Say I thought I could do this, talk to you after this long, but its harder than I thought it would be.. Or do I just leave it alone and not say anything.. I'm confused..

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