June 24, 2004 - 2:58 a.m.

Welcome Back Heather

I have been really moody lately. LOTS of things just piss me off in general. Last night I didnt leave work til almost 3 a.m. That is simply nuts. I should be right out of there at 2 a.m. or a little after. I finally had to tell the guy that we closed OVER 50 minutes ago, I'm shutting the booths down in 3 minutes. He left THANK GOD. I had the mace in my hand though fully prepared to kick some ass.

I had the weirdest guy come in today. Just the UGLIEST guy ever too, he bought a bunch of bondage shit. Ohh eww. I get grossed out thinking about it.

So I have a lot of random stuff to talk about again, We went to the fair a few nights ago, a girl I work with at the pool and I we did this air glory thing, it was FUN! They took ya up 85-100 feet and we pulled the cord. Kind of like free falling with a rope around your stomach it was fun. Tyler and I did an old time photo together, it looks so good. God, I saw EVERYONE at the Fair, I saw Lion Boy it was REALLY weird to see him. I also saw this other guy I use to "hang out with" Ohh My. That is all I have to say... I hope I dont run into any more people I know at the fair tomorrow.

Another thing that gets on my nerves. ZIM CAN NOT pay me the money he owes me from the electricity deposit. How hard is it to send a 22 dollar check. I mean for real. I was nice enough to go clean the apartment so we got some what of a deposit back, thank god I called the apartment people otherwise I probably wouldn't have got any of that, he probably would have kept it. Thank god we got a 37 dollar credit from Cable one because we paid a month in advance, otherwise I would have been stuck with the WHOLE internet bill. I remember him telling me a time his friends stuck him with a HUGE electricity bill and he had to pay it all, I know it has nothing to do but its the respect of the matter. I have called him twice, and emailed him twice. Ugh. It pisses me off thinking about. Hey Zim. thanks for nothing...

Anyways I suppose I better get some sleep I have to work at the pool tomorrow and I'm takin steph to the fair so we can do the Free Fall thing.

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