May 11, 2005 - 12:41 a.m.

Men of Playgirl Part II

IM tired.I really am.. I should be in bed because I have a final tomorrow and I dont really know a lot about it.. YIKES!

I suppose J IM'd me last night it was odd, because I havent talked to him since mexico and hell we didnt even talk in mexico.. honestly I dont want anything to do with him... Im not even telling him what I do.. Not that I think he'll stalk me, but because he doesnt need to know my fuckin business.. UGH.

The one perk about my other job by the way I work two. I met the men of playgirl this morning.. THEY ARE HOT. OMG. I wish I would have gotten an autograph and a picture.. My boss was like "DAMN they had a lot of ones, I want that job" It was hilarious.

I got offered the Assistant Manager posision at the other store in town, which is awesome.. Im thinking about it, but MY Manager doesnt know anything about it,so who knows whats up with that.. I might take it. I might not. Depending on one thing.

Nite Dila

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