May 30, 2005 - 3:03 a.m.

Stupid Girl.

so I've been MIA the past few days, which Its been an odd 9 days for me. To say the least.. We had a party at tylers last weekend(22nd) for my little sisters 21st birthday it was fun.. Pictures can be seen here.. It was a fun night. Then we went to the casino for her actual 21st birthday.. I lost 50 in the first 1/2 hour we were there, so needless to say I just hung out in the water park for the rest of that day... The next night though, I put $20.00 into the nickel game called Ice Monkey.. And I did the max bet each time(which is 45) So thats 2.25 hand.. well when I was almost out of money I won 980 nickels(49.00 dollars) I was soo pumped that I spent about $20.00 of that so Im still thrity head so I cash out and decide to give it a break a minute.. Well I went back down to that machine and I put in like 10.00 dollars, and I won over 900 again.. I was for sure done gambling at that time.. I wanted to stay ahead and not lose money.. God I love the casino..

So coming home that day, after I got my car at tylers I was coming off the on ramp to my house and I go to slow down so I wouldnt be on the on ramp at 80 miles an hour, and it was raining but not that hard, well my little bug decides it doesnt wanna slow down and it wants to hydroplane right damn near into the sign, so I had to quickly jolt my car to get it so it doesnt hit the sign and kill me, but it only goes further into the ditch... God I was pissed.. I have about 1500.00 dollars of damage on my car.. So thats my luck on that..

This past friday night, we rented a limo(pictures coming soon) for my sisters birthday, show her the bar scene.. Well we had the cutest limo driver, and well I decided to chat with him a bit after we got everybody picked up and deciding on what we should do.. So I just bravely went through the little window thing that divides us and the driver and I asked him "wanna go out sometime" he said yeah. So me being stupid I decided to flirt with him all night, well when the night was over, I sat up front with him.. Chat with him.. he asked me why are you sitting up front, instead of the back.. Im like so I can get to know you better.. Anyways.. we chatted back and fourth he asked me if I have ever had sex in the limo.. Obviously I haven't.. I've only been in a limo like three times before this. So the thing is we didnt exchange phone numbers, but I do have his card.. SO I thought about calling him, I was soo excited that I finally met a cute boy that I was attracted to and someone that I wanted to get to know.. I somehow always manage to be attracted to the 30'something guys with kids and is a divorcee.. Why?? But ya anyways.. I was so pumped to call him that I told everyone how attracted I was to him and I get to work tonight to tell my friend ade, and she pretty much said that it was a stupid idea and that I shouldnt call him.. She didnt say those exact words, but she didnt have too.. I litterally started crying at work.. I felt like a complete idiot not just because I told her, but because I told everyone how I wanted to call him, but I was scared of being rejected.. Yes, I know he didnt tell me to call him, I was just going too... So yeah.. I ripped up his card and work and threw it away.. I hated feeling stupid for even thinking I should call him.. God its awful.. you know I thought he might have asked for my number and all that jazz, because I thought he was interested.. hell driving home, he told me I was beautiful etc.. God, I know player guys.. UGH.. No more talking about him.. NONE.ZILCH. Im suprised I even wrote it in here because Its an awful story and I have had a shitty week.. I need some cheering up..

Also I saw MJ at coaches and he was telling me that I looked hot with my new boobs, but hes like you were hot before LMAO... Thats classic.

Also TC was being creepy weird the night that we partied at tylers.. He wanted to come over, wanted me to come over.. I told him flat out before that he was my booty call NOT VICE VERSA. I told him if he couldnt follow those simple rules we cant talk.. He is just clingy.. He wants to hang out when we arent the hanging out type.. We're the make out type..

He thinks I have booty call written on my forehead, but he had another thing coming..

I had fun hanging out with Tami this weekend.. Hope you had fun hun

Going to bed.. I gotta work at 10 a.m.

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