July 21, 2005 - 12:01 a.m.


I honestly swear the month of August will be better for updates.. I think I've done 10 all summer long if that.. I do have a lot to write about..

my baby gets baptized in a few weeks
we fest 14 days
I met a new boy, I like him!
I quit my job, and got a new one
I met a new boy..oh did I say that already.
I went to a NASCAR race
Geesh what else is new.. God I have a ton of things..

I swear an update soon.. Also I havent even started Harry Potter yet, I have been just busy, trying to see the new boy I met, trying to clean, working out, working and sleeping.. Ya I have no time, but Im going to finish it soon and do a REALLY REALLY REALLY long entry and I have a ton of pictures.

My friend sam turned 21, and we're going out for that so yeah Ill have some for that too..

I just havent been on the net lately.. I guess I now have a life.. Hmmm.

Ill be 23 in 19 days. YUCK.

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