July 28, 2005 - 5:15 a.m.

Yaaa not me

I should clarify this.. The baby isnt mine its my best friends.. but I love the little guy so much I just say my baby... he knows what I mean.. he understands... :)

I was at T's lake for two days.. It was amazing. I met his kids,it was a fun time..

I just had the most amazing sex ever

He had to get home this morning because he had his dads vehicle well guess what he forgot his wallet at my house so I had to drive into fargo and give it to him because he had already pumped gas... The gas lady says to me, you had to bring your boyfriends wallet all the way into town, wow he better buy you flowers.. I KNOW I ROCK. she said boyfriend and I didnt correct her, and he didnt correct his kids this past week either so does that mean??? anyways we're not thinking that yet.. hes met pretty much everybody I want him to meet besides my bestest friend in the world Kris, so we're trying to find a time to arrange that..

Also new photos on my pictures site from everyting.. Xander, St Cloud,Chicago, The bars.. EVERYTHING.. ENJOY..

I hope to update soon, I mean who feels like updating in the summer.. Ya not me..

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