August 28, 2005 - 10:44 p.m.


yaaa. i talked to T for more than 30 seconds.. Now I know why I think he is the most sexiest guy alive.. I think we look good together here :)

Anyways honestly not a whole lot is new, I mean I have been going out to the bar a lot its crazy.. Im not going out as often as I have been because Im going to save money.. Its cheaper that way.

I also have impetigo, incase you dont know what that is it is a bacteria skin infection.. Ya its contagious.. No clue how I got it.. All I know is that these sores look nasty and I hate it..

I have also got a raise at work, and Im excited. As much as retail drives me nuts, I think Im going to stick it out, I hate it.. The customers are super crabby all the fricken time and I've already pissed two customers off in a span of a month and a half.. How good is that right? It sucks because those fricken customers..

So thats all I have to say now, so have a good time everyone and I dont pray often but Im praying for New Orleans. ♥

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