September 01, 2005 - 1:03 a.m.

in da club

so the other day Im doing my daily workout at the Y and guess who Isee there? Yup you got it the Y guy.. I havent talked to him since the other night when I saw him at bucks, so last wednesday.. And ya he claims to be shy with me, well he came with a girl and he sure wasnt shy with her.. UGGGHH. so about my 15-16th morgan diet, I decided to go up to him and ask him what the hell was up, well Im like why are you being shy with me, when you arent shy what that girl.. Hes like we're just friends blah blah blah.. I mean I was there with my sister, brady, jen and dereck so its not like i was there alone, but anyways, I wanted to hang out with him and stuff, so im like all I want from you is honesty, thats all I want.. Hes like well I found out from the past that I get in trouble when im honest and im like not with me you dont.. I would just much rather you tell me the truth then lie to me, because 9/10 times Ill do the same for you.. So he called me on wednesday when he left the bar and we talked.. But I hadnt talked to him since, he said he was going to call me on his day off, but he didnt and I saw him at the Y on tuesday, well he came right up to me and talked to me and hes like I like your hair, it was sweet and he looked hot at the Y, but anyways well we talked and hes like I slept all through yesterday, not sure if I believe it but whatever im like its okay I understand.. While I was on my treadmil, he kept walkin over that way and its just confusing, well the night before I deleted a lot of people from my cell phone, guys I dont talk to anymore, well guess what I deleted his number and guess what he says to me once he leaves the Y, give me a call when you leave Y if you want.. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SCREAMS WTF!! I couldnt tell him oh im sorry I deleted your number, but next time I see him I am going to explain myself from the first night we hung out, things were a little steamy, we made out and stuff, but thats it and maybe he is shy from that.. Because we went to a movie, went to my friend jens party ETC.. I wanted to hang out with him, get to know him.. Etc, but whatever. Im done, if he wants to call me he can.

I miss T, I havent talked to him since the other night, and I miss him. I want him here laying next to me.. T and I arent officially together, so he can do what he wants while he is there and I can do what I want while im here, but I really hope he doesnt find someone there because I want him all to myself when he gets back home.. So its only 14 weeks away.. When he gets home is when we are going to talk about us we both are into each other and I know he is busy in Texas because he is going to be an EMT..He is sooo sexy.. I miss him. I cant say that enough ♥

I also am going to be on a bowling league.. ha ha ha. I know crazy eh? My average is like 60.. Anyways thats all I have for an update right now..

Also the other night I was trying to remember this website and well I was going through this guys website and on my birthday he bought me a shot of tequila and well he had a picture of it on there.. He has a ton of random pictures on there its a really neat website, but who would have thought.. Just check out this picture of me
How random is that? What the fuck was I doing.. Crazy Heather :) For all of you that know me, Im at da club tomorrow :) :) P.s.s click my picture to check out his website..

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