2003-01-06 - 8:24 a.m.

101 things about me

1) I am a leo
2) I have blue eyes
3) My hair color changes with my mood
4) My biggest pet peeve is someone who judges me before they know me, yet I judge people before I know them.
5) I wear glasses
6) I am a slob
7) I live at home because I moved home from living with Dustin in Idaho.
8) I have one sister and one cousin that my mom adopted
9) I have ten tattoos
10) I have a few piercings.
11) I love NASCAR; Mark Martin
12) I love summer espically working at the pool it makes the summer fun.
13) I would die w/o my cell phone
14) I was born in Iowa
15) My birthday is August 9
16) I had my tonsils taken out when I was 19
17) I am scared of Dogs unless it is my own
18) I have a high pain tolerance
19) I was a geek in HS, a VERY big geek. I wore these dorky glasses and no one knew my name.
20) Now I am no longer a geek and most guys want me. I'm confident not cocky
21) I'm finally twenty one.. Look out world.
22) I love astrology, I believe my future is already planned out for me I just have the choice to change it.
23) Im obessed with Louis Vuitton
24) I really am only 4'11 3/4 (Ssshh) Don't tell anyone.
25) I hate crickets, they scare me to death. I can get along great with every other insect but not that nasty one.. Ewww
26) I love greeting cards especially personal exprressions (Hallmark Rocks)
27) I've been to two different countries (canada and mexico)
28) I am very hard to please
29) I have dated a lot of people
30) I have a subscription to Maxim a guys magazine
31) I love gettin compliments
32) I dont have many "close" friends
33) I like Bill Clinton,therefore I am a democrat.
34) I'm an exotic dancer
35) I love going to the bar
36) My sister is my best friend
37) I love my dog(s). I have three of them all shih-tzus Riley, Paris & Nicole
38) I love Flying
39) I love Traveling
40) I am a Compulsive Shopper, I have clothes that have the price tag on them from a year ago.
41) My favorite food is Kraft Mac N Cheese
42) I love Movie Theatre Popcorn
43) I non legally divorced my dad
44) My mom is my role model
45) I graduated High School in 2000
46) I work in a porn store. smirks
47) I remember my first four years for my birthday parties they were carebears
48) I remember my mom working a lot when I was younger just so we could have the things we wanted
49) My dad never worked
50) I am embarassed of my Dad
51) I am allergic to cats, mold, and pollen
52) I love Diet Coke with Lime
53) I love Paradiso
54) I love Miller Lite,Rolling Rock,Jagermeister & Jello Shots
55) I have a blended family.
56) Dustin was my first true love I had this amazing feeling when I was with him. Its unexplainable.
57) I dated three guys at once, It was nothing serious, but I liked three guys at once so I "hung out" with them all at the same time.
58) They never found out
59) I am self conscience around people I know
60) I'm shy yet I seem to be outgoing
61) I am a horrible driver
62) I would much rather watch NASCAR than have sex, dont get me wrong I like sex, but NASCAR is more exciting.
63) I don't want a relationship right now(unless its dustin) all I want is friends with benefits.
64) I was born at 12:01 a.m.
65) I am a procrastinator
66) I have attended three colleges still dont know what I want to do
67) I bought my very first vibrator when I started working at the store, it does nothing for me. I don't really like it I guess.
68) I have had 10 jobs in three years
69) I like the numbers 6 & 9
70) I am an emotional person
71) I love white roses
72)Two of my close uncles died recently. I miss them a lot. I'm scared to die.
73) I only drink bottled water
74) I love getting my picture taken
75) My mom had my name picked out since 8th grade "well her first girl"
76) Dustin was my longest relationship
77) I get scared in relationships and I always want out
78) I have a trust issue with guys, I will always think they will cheat on me.
79) I ♥ Chris Noth
80) Im High Maintenance, with a lot of issues.
81) My mom pierced my ears when I was a month old, well claires did :)
82) I love Hip Hop, Rap and R&B Music
83) I want to look like Christina Aguilera
84) I wear a size 6 shoe
85) I am Right handed
85) I had braces for three years
86) I use crest white strips a lot
87) I like shooting guns
88) I want a boob job-I want to be a 34D
89) I'm nowhere near normal
90) Friends often call me crazy
91) I love the mountains almost as much as the ocean
92) I vitamins and birth control everyday
93) I look young
94)I have the worldest greatest mother.
95) I normally don't get the proper amount of sleep, I suffer from Insomnia, you will more than likely find me online in the wee hours of the morning.
96) I believe in Ghosts
97) Secretly I want to be with J
98) Everyone wishes my mom was their mom b/c she is the coolest
99) I have three favorite animals: Orcas, Wolves and Dogs
100) I am an X Cheerleader
101) I go to walmart way too much

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