June 30, 2005 - 1:15 p.m.


Last night I stayed the night at gosh I need a nickname for him apartment.. We actually watched two movies in 5 hours, plus making out.. I got there a little after 2 because that is when I was done with work, and ya we went to bed at like 7.. I got up at like 11 a.m to come home, but hes like you should stay and sleep with me all day.. It was sweet.. Im sure that is all we aren't going to hang out again soon because he leaves in August for four months for the military(imangine that me being attracted to a man in the military) So who knows. I should tell you more, but I dont remember everything that happened last night or everything he said.. It was cute.

I have been so fricken busy this past week with everything working both jobs and everything, but Im going crazy.. Come to find out I probably wont even be able to leave on my two week notice at the shop early because the FNG he hired already quit.. So ya that means Im working :( :( :( What the fuck am I doing staying around anyways? He doesnt appreciate us, he doesnt realize that since we(ade and i) left the store that its going to hell.. Ya.. Frustrates me, but it looks like im stuck there for a few more days :(

I gotta get ready for work at 230.. ICK. I work from 230-2 :(

P.s.s.s Im shopping like money is going out of style.. I love it.

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