November 26, 2003 - 2:03 a.m.

New Layout

I am simply in love with my new layout!!! Thank you Sam of otdesigns Its simply BEAUTIFUL! Let me know what you think of it..

So guess who called me today, yup you got it dustin. I didnt really talk all that much because I did not know what to say... He asked me what I was doing I Told him shopping... And hes like ooo call me when you get done... YA RIGHT! Its nerve wracking to call him... It took him 48 hours to call me back so he can wait a little to hear from me, IF I call him back...

You know thinking of my layout. It makes me sad. Yet happy. Sad that we miss people more when they're gone then if they were actually here.. I went months w/o seeing my uncles, but now that they are gone.. I miss them terribly.. I hope they are proud of me and what I am trying to do to get everyone to know how wonderful they really were.... I miss you guys!

So I went to buffalo wild wings tonight. It was fun, I went with aaron and tyler... And then my friend krystal and her new boyfriend showed up, so we had a few of us.. Also my favorite bartender from Islands was there... I talked to him for a little bit in the bar and I just might have to go see him next week at Islands ;) Also two weeks in a row nick was there :- Like I really wanted to see him... I probably wont be going to BWW for a while, or we will just have to go early!!!!

I can't wait for thanksgiving. I get to see my cousins, they are adorable. I talk about them a lot. I am going to take a lot of pictures...

Well, we just got back from Aarons we watched Bulletproof Monk! *Yawn* I did not like that movie all that much, infact it has made me really tired, so I am going to go to bed, in my own bed tonight instead of zims... Thank you Zim for letting me sleep in your bed, while you had to use the floor ;) Eww.. I do not want to think about that... On that note I am going to bed.

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