May 19, 2005 - 12:08 a.m.

Finally an update...

I think a lot has been going on.. Xander was born on May 12th.. He is an adorable baby.. I love him soo much. I hope I get to see him often, I want to be a part of his life for many years to come.. I mean he is my first godchild.. How awesome is that??? I miss xander so much.. I hope your doing well tami. I felt like you saw metoo much at the hospital that you might be sick of me ha ha.. Love ya :)

On the 12th was my Moms birthday..So we went out to eat for that.. It was nice.. I love my mom so much..

My mom went to jamestown with me to have my stitches taken out of my boobs, and it was awesome.. I love her so much.. My boobs look amazing.. Im going to do an entry about the WHOLE procedure before I forget about it, so I can have it written down, and I will update often.. I go back to the PS in July to make sure everything is going well, but Im excited that boobs look amazing..

Working retail is driving me nuts tonight at work, I had the most fuckin ignorant people ever.. I told my asst manager that I was going to have a nervous breakdown If I had one more weird fuck.. I just wanted to be like why are you such a fuckin ass to half the customers that come in there.. We dont take debit cards and this guy is like "fine Ill go to walmart" Fuck Buddy I dont care if you go to walmart.. I go to walmart too.. SO FUCK YOU ALL.. Ugh its impossible.. I am ranting soo much..

We are going to the casino this weekend, because my sister turns 21. God im getting old.. VERY OLD..

I know I have more to write about, but I forgot it all already.. Imangine that.

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